Sunday, January 27, 2008

More reading

"Letter to a Christian nation" Sam Harris. Gone in one sitting [it's only a small book]. A chilling read regardless of what views you hold on the matter.

"The end of faith" Sam Harris - Just started it, but more in the vein of the above.

Still working through "Absurdistan", kinda a fun book but not compelling enough for me to read it in large chunks. Some unsubtle messages about oil and hegemony and ethnic friction and the attractiveness of the world's dominant consumer culture none-the-less.

About to start on the "Physical Chemistry of Food Processes" [Ion C. Baian
u - 1992] just to bring me back to the grubby reality of making a living and the growing, preparation, and consumption of our food.

Books I read lately or not so lately but nearly forgot about.

-Stephen King- "On Writing",
"The girl who loved Tom Gordon",

-Cormac McCarthy - "The Road" - really chilling,
"No country for old men" my first exposure to Cormac, before it was a movie, compelling but hard to read [no quotation marks around speech].

-Primack and Abrams - "
View from the Center of the Universe "

-Brian Greene - "The Fabric of the cosmos"

-Bill Bryson - "A brief history of nearly everything",
"The thunderbolt kid",
"A walk in the woods

-Jon MacPhee - "Annals of the former world",
"The founding Fish",
"Uncommon carriers

-Terry Pratchett - "
Wyrrd Sisters",
"Going Postal",
"Small Gods",
"Men at Arms",
"Soul Music",
"Interesting Times",
Feet of Clay,
Carpe Jugulum,
The Last Continent,
Nanny Ogg's Cookbook,
The Truth,
Thief of Time,
Night Watch,
Wee Free Men,
Monstrous Regiment,

-Richard Dawkins - The God Delusion

Christopher Hitchens - God is not great

-Patrick Henry -
The Ironic Christian Companion
-Tim Flannery - The Weather Makers,
Chasing Kangaroos

-Elizabeth Kolbert - Field Notes from a Catastrophe

-James E. Lovelock - The Revenge of Gaia
- Mark Kurlansky - Salt,

-JK Rowlands - Most of the Harry Potter series including the final one The Deathly Hallows

-Alan Wiseman - The world without us

Steven Hall - The Raw Shark Texts

Michael Polan - The omnivores dilemma - only read half of it after his credibility was shot with gross errors of fact in the crops section. Liked the first quarter, interesting viewpoint.

-Malcolm Gladwell - The Tipping Point [one of John Horgan's 10 worst science books !!!]

Jared Diamond - Guns, Germs, and Steel, still struggling through Collapse

Dean Hamer - The God Gene [another one of John Horgan's 10 worst science books !!!]

-Simon Winchester - Krakatoa,
The map that changed the world,
The professor and the madman

- Stephen Hawking - A Brief History of Time


- James Gleick - Chaos [one of John Horgan's 10 best science books]

-Edward O. Wilson - The creation : an appeal to save life on earth [might have read it?] 333.9516 WILSON

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